ASSOCIATIONSchools for a Green Future

Established in 2010, the Association SCHOOLS FOR A GREEN FUTURE is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote and carry out quality educational, cultural and ecological programs for schools and families in Romania.

Among the activities they carry out are:
  • organizing competitions in order to motivate the personnel from the Romanian education;
  • designing and carrying out educational, cultural and educational programs;
  • editing own publications or any other media materials necessary for the purpose.
Major projects carried out by the Association include:
  • The Digital Classroom
    Type: digital educational platform
    Launch date: March 2020
    Official site:
    Project numbers: 1000+ educational materials: texbooks, excercise books, atlases, worksheets, animations, 3D models, etc.
    Target audience: all students and teachers in Romania from the preschool level to highschool level.
  • Online platform for free digital materials   SCHOOLS FOR A GREEN FUTURE         Release date: 2018
    Official website:
    Project in figures: 1000+ videos, plans, optional course templates, calendar schedules, free worksheets * 
    Beneficiaries: 5600 + teachers from preschool, primary, secondary, high school
  • Schools for a green future contest - The biggest contest on environmental issues between schools in Romania
    Partners: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
    Release date: 2011
    Achievements (latest edition): 3,000 Green Team participants across the country / edition;  80,000 students and teachers involved / edition;  6,000 ecological activities / edition;  900,000 kg of waste paper collected and delivered to recycling centers; 60,000 seedlings planted in green activities. 154,000 kg of compacted PETs deposited to the collection centers
    Official site:
  • The world that you discover contest - the biggest team trivia contest for schools in Romania
    Partners: Ministry of Education
    Release date: 2011
    Joined the National School Competitions Calendar - position 134, Annex 5 to Order No.. 5092 / 30.08.2019 The
    competition in figures (the latest edition) 1900+ teams * 15,000 students * 41 participating counties
    Official website:
  • CREATIVE READING AND WRITING competition - the largest exhibition contest School of digital posters on topics literary Romania
    Partners: School Inspectorate of Bucharest, National College Elena Cuza, Bucharest, National College Spiru Haret University, Bucharest
    Release date: 2017
    Joined Upcoming competitions National Schools - heading 09, Annex 5 to OMEN no. 5092 / 08.30.2019.
    Official site:
    Competition in figures:  4+ editions * 3000+ papers * 650+ participating teachers * 41 counties * 270,000+ votes cast
  • NATIONAL CONTEST OF GEOGRAPHY "TERRA - The small Geography Olympics" - competition of excellence on geographical themes for middle school students (classes V-VII) of Romania
    supporter of the organizers: Ministry of Education and National Geographic Society in Romania
    Release date: 2013
    Submited Calendar of MEN-funded National School Competitions - item 34, annex 4 to OMEN 5092 / 30.08.2019.
    Official website:
  • The cultural project Manuals of the Romanian language, culture and civilization: Romanian 
    language and literature, Romanian traditions and customs, Romanian spirituality. Implementation: 2014
    Co-Financing: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Policy Department for relations with Romanians everywhere (100,000 lei).
    Results: Free design, production and distribution of over 1,680 books (560 copies per book title) to the Eudoxiu Hurmuzahi Institute for Romanians everywhere in the Romanian communities outside the Romanian borders. The textbooks were donated to libraries in the public system in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Republic of Moldova, Italy, France, Greece, where corners with Romanian books were organized.. The projects were promoted in schools with teaching in the Romanian language in the respective communities. Romanian teachers teaching in the diaspora successfully use these textbooks.
    The impact.
    Preparation of textbooks following requests from Romanian associations for the best functioning of weekend schools for Romanians everywhere. The project has a lasting impact on the preservation and affirmation of the ethnic, linguistic and cultural identity of Romanians from all over the world.